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A functional food is defined as a food which provides a health benefit beyond basic nutrition [ 27 ]. Being far up the beach, they do not have as many strong waves which may wash them from their rock so they do not need as large an area for the muscular foot to grip the rock.

The temperature of the room will be the same for all of the seaweeds. I will use Spearmans Rho as this will show whether my alternative hypothesis was correct or not.

They average about 15mm in length and are the most common group of gastropods on the seashore. This is called Supply-side Ecology. Thus, on a north facing slope community bands will be wider and higher up the shore. Fronds are thick, with a large surface area. Because of this, organisms that live here must be adapted to survive long periods of desiccation.

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It was evenly distributed across stations 9, 10, and 11, with similar numbers in each quadrat between 40 and 50 individuals per quadrat. The molecular weight of agarose is aboutRemoval of limpets from a shore, e.

Likewise, on neaps the upper shore may never get water on some days. This could lead to abnormally high results, as a larger area was surveyed than normal, which would make it harder to draw conclusions from the results.

The main heterotrophic organisms of the seashore are the molluscs. However, it may be occasionally be spray wetted. This is of paramount importance as they spend most of their time exposed and in the sunlight — meaning desiccation could easily occur.

Fucus serratus is very efficient at using the resources that are in short supply, so it out competes other species, such as Fucus vesiculosus and Pelvetia canaliculata.

More essays like this: As rock pools constantly dry out, due to exposure to warm temperature, the water evaporates leaving behind the salt. For example, compounds isolated from marine macroalgae have demonstrated various biological activities, such as antibacterial activity [ 1 ], antioxidant potential [ 23 ], anti-inflammatory properties [ 4 ], anti-coagulant activity [ 5 ], anti-viral activity [ 6 ] and apoptotic activity [ 7 ].

When the limpet is fully clamped onto the rock it is almost impossible to remove them. When cutting the seaweed, care will be taken with the knife and also hands will be washed regularly to stop any seawater being consumed which could cause illness.

We will write a custom essay sample on Height: Another factor is salinity. Mussel beds will form and both limpets and periwinkles will graze the rocks.

The fronds of the coiling wrack are broader and flatter than those of the channel wrack. Looking for a next step. This species of periwinkle was found across the whole upper shore stations 4,5 and 6 and at the top of the middle shore station 7.

Mussels have two shells, and are fixed to a single location in adult life.

Height: Width of Limpets Across Different Zones

By remaining on the middle shore, Littorina obtusata can avoid predators such as dog whelks that live further down the shore. Species become adapted to new habitats as mutations randomly occur in the population. However, in areas with an abundance of rock pools may have varied salinity levels.

Their potential for use as prebiotics for both humans and animals will be highlighted by reviewing data from both in vitro and in vivo studies conducted to date.

My results show that each species is only found on a small area of the shore, an area that it ha evolved to be adapted to, and one where it is the most successful species.

It was orangey yellow in colour. Patella vulgata are in the taxonomic group gastropoda, and the family acmaeidae. Desiccation and temperature change are also important factors as the middle shore is regularly exposed to the air.

This seaweed covers a big sum of the beach. The shells grow to match the contours of the rock in order to form a strong seal, protecting them from desiccation and also predation. To combat these problems they have a shallow but wide shell to give the largest area for the muscular foot to hold onto the rock.

Mannuronic and guluronic acids are classed as uronic acids. This is due to the varying times that the seaweeds are left out of the water when they are on the shore. The seaweeds will then be placed in a bucket of seawater to reduce any desiccation prior to the experiment.

The seaweed will not need to be a certain weight to begin with, as it is the percentage water loss that will show the desiccation rates, from which various graphs can be drawn to show comparisons between the seaweeds.

Seaweed Desiccation Essay Sample By admin In Essay Samples On August 28, When looking out onto the beach. there are assorted subdivisions that are visibly different from one another. The free Geography research paper (Zonation On A Rocky Shore essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

If you need fresh and competent research / writing on Geography, use the professional writing service offered by our company. During the day, as tides come and go, the seaweed becomes saturated and then starts to dry out, called desiccation.

This coursework will look at the adaptations of seaweed's to reduce desiccation, and also the factors that cause the desiccation of seaweed.

Algal turf, like Osmundea and Chondrus, will slow down the drainage on the shore and reduce desiccation. Grazing is very important. Grazing is very important. A high concentration of limpets will reduce the establishment of the.

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Possible Essay Questions: Compare and contrast the four marine mammalian orders. Include descriptions of habitat, diet and adaptations for life in the ocean.

Seaweed desiccation essay
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